Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Early caries detection has been recognised as the key to optimal prevention and treatment. A range of equipment is available which has been designed to detect early problems in your mouth so they can then be corrected with minimal invasive treatment. Our comprehensive examinations include a thorough risk assessment ensuring every aspect of dental health is monitored and a low risk level is achieved and maintained.

Spectra Caries Detection Aid

The Air Techniques Spectra system uses fluorescence technology to aid in the detection of caries especially in the early stages. The sensitive high resolution, high energy light projects onto the tooth surface causing any bacteria to fluoresce red and healthy enamel to fluoresce green. Using this technique in conjunction with the five classifications of tooth decay, we can rate how severe the decay is and recommend the optimum treatment for that classification.


The diagnodent is a laser used for caries detection. The laser will show caries in its earliest stages by shining onto the tooth through an optical fibre to measure the fluorescence within the tooth structure. This is indicated through an audible sound and a clear reading on the diagnodent, allowing us to take preventive action.

External X-rays

Our examinations now include external digital x-rays with our OPG x-ray unit. This reduces the discomfort caused by internal x-rays. The panoramic x-ray imaging is a precise process resulting in sharp and focussed imaging for optimum diagnoses.

Intra-Oral Cameras
The CEREC Omnicam is used extensively in our comprehensive examinations. This high resolution camera records a video of all your teeth capturing every detail for more accurate diagnoses. The optics used in the camera have been optimized for higher depth of field and accuracy.

Computerised / Digital Radiography – All of our x-rays are digital. This means your x-rays are available for viewing immediately, and have the lowest form of radiation. We have invested in an OPG x-ray unit. This reduces the discomfort caused by internal x-rays. The panoramic x-ray imaging is a precise process resulting in sharp and focussed imaging for optimum diagnoses.

Computer Anaesthetic (The Wand) – The Wand is a computerised anaesthetic system which is a lot more comfortable than the conventional method of administering anaesthesia. When giving an injection, the part that makes it most unpleasant is when the solution goes into the tissue too quickly, not allowing time for the body to absorb it. This builds up pressure in the tissue which patients can find uncomfortable. The Wand deposits the anaesthetic at a slow and constant rate (monitored by computer), resulting in a much more comfortable treatment.

Intra-Oral Cameras – All of our surgeries have an Intra Oral Camera. These cameras are a wonderful tool for helping explain proposed treatment and demonstrating ‘before and after’. This can assist patients who are nervous, because they know exactly what we are doing step by step, and why.

Sedation (Nitrous Gas – N20,) – We have Nitrous Oxide for patients who feel anxious about their dental treatment. Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is a mask that sits over the nose during treatment, the patient is able to drive soon after completion of the appointment.

Hypnosis – Dr Rogers is a qualified hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy has many benefits for patients that have fears and phobias towards dental treatment.

Ziess Microscope (with Zeon Light) – We use a microscope during routine examinations as well as treatment. This allows us to attend to problems while they are still small. The accuracy of diagnoses and treatment is incomparable with the use of a microscope.

Dental comfort is a priority at Northbridge Dental Clinic. We have invested in cutting edge technology to ensure patient comfort while providing the highest level of treatment. We have both CEREC Omnicam and CEREC Bluecam which we use for a variety of procedures.


Cerec is a sophisticated CAD/CAM system for the production of all-ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and crowns for anterior and posterior teeth. They are completed in one visit so no temporaries are required. Rather than taking conventional impressions, the digital impression system captures precise 3D intraoral scans in full colour.

The crown or restoration is then designed on the monitor of the CEREC unit and then milled to be inserted. The crowns and restorations constructed through CEREC are metal free, highly aesthetic and long lasting.

Mouthguards can also be created using CEREC technology. Again, there is no need to take the uncomfortable conventional impressions. The speed of capture is exceptional making digital impressions easy, efficient and comfortable. The high quality mouthguard is then constructed by our laboratory.

Making adjustments to your front teeth is always a big decision. CEREC have created a program called Smile Design. This works by taking a portrait photo and uploading into the system. Using the design tools we can create your perfect smile on your photo so that you can see exactly what the end result will look like.

Icon – Icon is a micro invasive system that has been developed to counteract caries early without damaging healthy hard tissue. It is a technique that can be completed in one appointment without using anaesthesia or drilling. Icon works by the highly viscous infiltrate being absorbed by the caries lesion, filling it, stabilising it and preventing decay thus prolonging the life expectancy of the tooth.