(Molecular) Dentistry

Healozone – The Healozone is a fantastic piece of equipment for preventive dentistry. We use ozone to sterilise the tooth before fillings are placed, and also to areas of initial decay, which if caught early enough can prevent the need for fillings later..

Tooth Mousse – Tooth mousse is a topical calcium phosphate cream. Unlike other products, tooth mousse is able to remineralize teeth extremely efficiently through a process of nanotechnology. When used in conjunction with Healozone, it can strengthen areas of initial decay sufficiently enough to prevent the need for fillings. We also recommend the use of tooth mousse prior to Laser bleaching and as an aid for sensitivity in areas of recession. Applying tooth mousse is essentially ‘feeding nutrients to the tooth’……

Laser Fluoride – The benefits of fluoride treatment are enhanced x6, when conducted with Laser. Again, this is a wonderful preventive measure to avoid later treatment.